General components industry corp.

Winding products
general components industry (gci) is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality magnetic components such as trasnsformers, coils, inductors and so on.  ...  [more]

Cec Coils

Winding products
the main business of coils electronics is the design, development, manufacture and sale of a wide range of electronic components, including various types of coils, inductors, transformers, line filters ...  [more]


Crystals and Oscillators
raltron offers one of the broadest lines of quartz crystals and crystal based products from simple resonators to precision oscillators, such as vcxo, tcxo and ocxo. the company is also active in ...  [more]

CTC Coils

Winding products
c.t.c. is a manufacturer of coils, chokes and inductors ...  [more]

Universal Microelectronics

Winding products
universal microelectronics (umec) is one of the world's leading manufacturers with expertise in the area of dc-dc converters, ac-dc switching power supply and transformers  ...  [more]


liuchuan is a professional cable manufacturer established in 1986 and was one of the earliest company entered into cable industry in china mainland ...  [more]


Winding products
oritac is one of the most important players for the production of inductors and common mode chokes. oritac pays really attention to the details and quality of goods....  [more]


Ferrites and Inductors
tecstar technology is a professional manufacturers of ferrite cores and smd products ...  [more]

Elettronica Rossoni

Winding products
elettronica rossoni has got excellent results in the field of wound components mainly utilized inside lighting, automotive and household appliances.  ...  [more]


Rogowski Coil and Power Analyzer
rogowski coils (rigid and flexible) power quality analyzerintegrator (mini, industrial, three phase din rail, high frequency)...  [more]


Power Supplies
sagetek is very well involved to propose custom-made products based on customer's requirements. the goal is to provide high qualtiy products with the best service and technical support....  [more]

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