Brands and Products

Antenna Solutions

chip antenna, nfc antenna, fpa antenna, metal antenna, pcb antenna, patch antenna, dipole antenna, helix antenna, ceiling mount antenna, wall mount antenna ...  [more]


power supply cords, connectors and terminals, copper wire and copper rods, telephone cords and accessories, audio-video cables, wire harness, automobile wire harness series, hdmi cables, usb cables,...  [more]

Crystals and Oscillators

crystals, clock oscillators, rf ceramica filters, vcxo, tcxo, vcso, ocxo, vco, saw devices, ceramic resonators, microwave filters. gps synchronization ...  [more]

Current sensor - Hall sensor

current sensor detects and converts current to an easily measured output voltage which is proportional to the current through the measured path hall current module has output measurement value of ...  [more]

Ferrites and Inductors

smd power inductors, multilayer chip beads and inductors, ni-zn soft ferrite cores ni-zn soft ferrite cores are used for emi suppression noise from round cable and flat cable, internal and external ...  [more]

Power Supplies

switching power supply desktop type switching power supply open framebattery chargerdin rail...  [more]


chip resistors (thin film, high power, high voltage, surge withstanding, led, metal foil, ultra low ohm), carbon film fixed resistors, high precision metal film fixed resistors, flameproof type metal ...  [more]

RF cables & RF connectors

adaptors, attenuators, rf connectors, rf cable assemblies flexible low loss cable assemblies, fakra cable assemblies, overmolded cable assemblies, customized cable assemblies...  [more]

Rogowski Coil and Power Analyzer

rogowski coils power quality analyzer integrator...  [more]


oscillator choke coils, current transformers, power transformers (smd & pth) ...  [more]

Winding products

common mode choke, emi filter choke, line filter choke, power current ring coils, toroid transformer ...  [more]

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